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“Let thy food be thy medicine.” – Socrates  

You are what you eat.

Eat natural.


NaturalU foods were created from the mind of a fitness, health and wellness professional with over a decade of experience.


Each product was made with a holistic approach to wellness. It all stems from the gut. Foods created to give maximum nutrition absorption without the unnecessary drama in the gut. You often hear how important the core is when it comes to fitness programs; well the digestive system is even more critical. You want to consume foods that are easily digestible for optimal nutrient absorption. You want to eat foods that break down. Doing so is less stressful on the body and improves your chances of accomplishing any of your wellness goals.


You want to provide your body with the best conditions possible to maintain a high level of health. Eating with an emphasis on easily digestible foods means that your body will avoid much of the unnecessary stress on the digestive system which can be reveaeled by bloating, gas, stomach pain, fatigue, irritability, slow muscle gain, poor physical performance and a host of unwanted symptoms.


  • Mini meal

      What is a meal: Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats


  • Real food simply made/packaged by U-Turn Naturals


  • Our founder produced a way to give the customer what has been requested for years…package his nutritional habits.

  • "I’m giving my customers what they’ve asked me for…something I trust, willing to put my name behind and recommend."



live clean.

live natural.

live free.

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